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Do you have a misdemeanor or felony charge that has been affecting your employment, credit score or business relationships? Do you have a prior felony that is preventing you from owning or possessing firearms? We can help with an expungement and get your record cleaned up.

In today’s world, criminal records are no longer just accessible to law enforcement. They are public records and can easily be found by searching basic personal information or paying a nominal fee on a background check website. Criminal records are quickly accessible through national databases where they are indexed for easy search.

Getting your criminal records expunged Is fast. No one will be able to hold your prior charges against you. You will get a second chance.  If you fulfill the following requirements, call us today and we will start the process with a simple questionnaire. It is your right and we can help!

You have successfully completed probation; there are no current criminal charges against you; you are currently not incarceration for criminal charges; you have not been convicted for a sexual offense against a child; you have not served state prison time. Call us today!

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“Brandon is very good and knowledgeable when it comes to firearms laws and criminal law. Has help me in many areas and is reliable and honest and I don’t hesitate to recommend him to people in need of representation!”

Ed R.

“Brandon Leibrock has helped me with many things over the years. Brandon top notch experience. I’ve had a few others but they couldn’t help like he has. His knowledge is above the others!”

Chris M.

“Mr. Leibrock’s professionalism is awesome. He was always available when I needed him. He followed through with my case very well. He is still to this day here for me. I trust him 100%. I know you will have excellent results with Mr. Leibrock”

Harlan H.

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