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Court throws out conviction of teenage Sacramento girl involved in 2005 robbery-murder


Here is an example of the great work Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorneys do every day. This young ladies former defense attorney is now a Judge in Sacramento with a terrific reputation as both an attorney and a judge. I have been very lucky to have Charles Bonneau, the appellate attorney for Ms. Weeden on this case, as an office mate who has provided great advice and guidance this past year.

From the Sacramento Bee;

By Andy Furillo

A 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals three-judge panel on Friday threw out the conviction of a teenage girl who prosecutors said played a key role in a 2005 Sacramento robbery-murder.

Sarah Weeden was 14 years old at the time of the Aug. 5, 2005, shooting death of Navnil Chand, who was 17. According to testimony at Weeden’s 2008 trial, she had agreed to meet Chand at Caymus Park for a date and directed him there by cellphone. When he arrived, a gunman identified as Sertice Melonson, then 23, waited to rob him. During the robbery, Melonson shot and killed Chand.

Jurors found Weeden guilty of first-degree murder as an aider and abettor to Melonson, and Sacramento Superior Court Judge Maryanne G. Gilliard sentenced her to 27 years to life in prison.

Local prosecutors are not sure if they will retry Weeden, and the state attorney general’s office did not respond immediately Friday on whether it plans to seek a rehearing with the full circuit.

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