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Brandon Leibrock

Sacramento Attorney


As a former Police Officer and Detective, I have seen how sloppy police work and overzealous prosecutors can put innocent people in the government’s crosshairs. Having worked for the other side, I know how they work. This insider knowledge often is the difference between conviction and dismissal.

I became a defense attorney because I saw the bias of the justice system firsthand—improper arrests, unfair treatments, and violation of rights. Now I fight for my clients to ensure that they receive a fair outcome and a second chance.

My extensive experience in law enforcement gives my clients a true advantage. I know how investigations need to be conducted and can anticipate potential mistakes. In pre-trial stage, I work to avoid any charges being filed. If we have to go to trial, I do everything possible to have the charges dismissed or have my client acquitted.

As a criminal defender, I represent clients in cases ranging from petty theft to homicide. As a police officer I was trained as a DUI instructor by the California Highway Patrol. I then went on to teach police officers how to conduct DUI investigations. I have seen how poor training and a failure to follow procedures can negatively affect a DUI investigation and put an innocent person in handcuffs. That insight helps me to have charges dismissed that when others may miss the mistakes.

I know firearms and not just firearms law–I am a California Department of Justice (DOJ), Peace Officers Standard and Training (POST), and National Rifle Association (NRA) certified firearms instructor. I hold a federal firearm’s license and am a court recognized firearms expert, with an in-depth knowledge of current law and upcoming legislative changes. A life time member of the NRA, I am a firearms enthusiast and expert, successfully representing clients with felony possession, unregistered assault weapons, concealed weapon without permit, and concealed carry permit violations.

Whether you have been arrested for a minor traffic offense or are facing years in prison I will fight hard for you.

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