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Even though the court system has slowed down due to COVID-19, and other attorney offices have closed, your freedoms are still of the utmost importance, thus we remain open and available to assist you with your legal needs.

Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney

Legal Representation from a Former Officer

Brandon Leibrock became a criminal defense lawyer because he saw improper arrests, unjust treatment and violation of rights first hand. His local knowledge and connections in the greater Sacramento area justice system together with insider knowledge of police investigative procedures and practices gives his clients an invaluable advantage that is rare. He leverages this knowledge at any stage of the proceedings. You cannot afford to not have Brandon on your side!

About brandon

As a criminal defender, I represent clients in cases ranging from petty theft to homicide. As a police officer I was trained as a DUI instructor by the California Highway Patrol. I then went on to teach police officers how to conduct DUI investigations. I have seen how poor training and a failure to follow procedures can negatively affect a DUI investigation and put an innocent person in handcuffs. That insight helps me to have charges dismissed that when others may miss the mistakes.

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